Five celebrants this month

July is one of the important months in the family. It is because five members of the family will be celebrating their birthday. My brother will turn 40 on the 16th, the SIL will turn 28 on the 12th, nephew will turn 6 on the 18th, niece will turn 12 on the 22nd and another SIL will turn 43 on the 28th. We are all waiting for this month because for sure their would be a big celebration. The family is planning to have one celebrations for the five celebrants. And it will be on the 18th, the birthday of the nephew. It would be a wonderful celebrations for the family.

We are all excited for this event. The first plan was to celebrate their birthdays at the beach since we love going to the beach a lot especially the kids. We will be staying their overnight. However, the plan changed due to unexpected thing. Yes, we are sad but family come first before anything else. Besides we can still celebrate their birthdays at home. Celebrating at home is more practical I guess, and fun for sure. We can do many things like doing sing-a-long, maybe watching movies, dancing or playing cards (lol). Anyways, to the celebrants, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF YOU. May the Lord God showers you with lots of blessings, good health, happy life