Always be ready at all times

We will never know what will happen next until it happens right in front of us. That is why in our day-to-day living, we should be ready always and be alert. We do not want bad things to happen to us and to anyone, however, accidents do happen no matter how careful we are. We have seen kinds of accidents/incidents in the water, air, land, and the likes. Extra careful is really needed. Every time I heard tragic accidents, I will always remembered my college professor told us that, “live your day as if it is your last”. It is really scary, but I try not to because I have faith in God for only Him knows what is in store for us in the future.

Just this week, another water incidents somewhere in Visayas. The boat carrying hundreds of passengers including the crew sunk. It is so sudden and I felt really sad for the family of the victims. The reach and rescue are still ongoing and they have recovered bodies of the passengers. Families are crying and mourning. And it really breaks my heart. I hope and pray that sooner they will be able to recover for their lost and to the survivor to be thankful for the another chance of life given by God. Rest in peace to the victims.