Hope he will get better soon

My father is not feeling so well. His arthritis is giving him so much pain now. His wrist is swelling, knee, ankle and shoulder is in pain. He can’t move the way he wants because his is in pain. He can’t walk straight and he hates it. My father is losing his patience I must say. We went to the doctor already and started taking the prescribed medicines. He even told me that he wants to cut-off his wrist. I felt so sorry for my father. I can’t blamed him is he wants he cut-off his wrist because he is in pain for almost a month now.

My father is taking five kinds of medicines for his uric acid, creatinine, lungs, kidney and pain reliever. I really hope that after a month it will have good results so that my father will be free from all the pain he is feeling now. If only I could take some of the pain. When the CT Stonogram is done, the doctor will give another medicines and hopefully the father will get better and better. He doesn’t want his condition now. I just comforted him saying that he is still blessed and lucky because he is not in the hospital, he is not on wheel chair and he is not in the ICU. I do hope that what I am saying is enough reason not to lose hope.