Cheers to all the fathers in the world

Today is father’s day. The day that we give honor to the man in our life, our fathers. A father has a very significant role in the family. They are the pillar of a home, the provider, the supporting ingredient to make the family grow stronger and the strength of the family. They are also called the breadwinner of the family. It is best to recognize their sacrifices and hard works to support the family. Also, giving salute to the father who does the works at home. The father whose wife is working and working abroad. A shifting role, I must say. A father role is not easy, and so it is right to give them recognition.

I am just sad today because my father is not well. He is in pain now due to gout arthritis. I wanted to treat him to the mall and buy him his favorite meal, but because of his condition we opted to stay at home. At his condition, it is best to have him rest well and get more sleep because he can’t sleep well at night. I pray that my father will be free from these pain and his health will get better soon. Anyways, happy father’s day to my father. Please know that I love you much even if I am not showy. We may argue at times, I love and care for you.

And to all the fathers in the world, happy father’s day. CHEERS!