Happy Wedding Anniversary

Today marks the 2nd wedding anniversary of my younger brother and his wife. We are happy that they are still together after all the trials and difficulties they have met in their first year of marriage. Yes, their marriage is not perfect because of the kind of trials that come their way but by the power of the love they have for each other, they overcome it. They commit mistakes, asking forgiveness and decided to start over again. Their marriage life was not an easy road to travel but they slowly coping it up. And we are so happy for them.

On their 2nd year of being together, I wish them all the best and happiness in life. I wish that they will be more prayerful and always put God in the center of their marriage so that when trials and difficulties knocks on their door, they are strength to fight back and cut those things that will try to ruined their happy married life. Too bad they live far from us, we can’t celebrate with them and can’t greet them personally. Even though, we are sending them message with our greetings and wish. I also wish that no more tears, quarrels and fighting. Happy Wedding Anniversary brother and SIL. God bless your marriage always!