Telling her my high school experiences

My niece is now in Grade 7 (intermediate level, high school). She will be in new environment, new people to meet and meeting new sets of friends. She is very much excited with her new school uniforms and her new school. I am pretty sure that my niece will have a wonderful experience as she is in her third level of education. They say that high school life in the wonderful life of being a student. It is exciting and challenging level of a student life I must say for you will be experiencing the best and the worse of it. The key is stay focus and embrace every challenges with a smile.

The niece is very open telling me about the happenings at school. She is like a reporter telling me everything when she arrives home from school. I am flattered because she is telling me everything. I can sense that she is enjoying her high school life, though it is too early to tell because classes has just started. More experiences to come her way. Since she is telling me everything, I also told her my high school experiences. I am telling her the best and the worse for her to have an idea if the same situation happens to her. I am sharing it to make her aware so when the worse happens, she is ready to face it. I wish the niece good luck and hope for the best!