Fulfilling our childhood dreams

Back when my older and I are younger, we always joined the Flores De Mayo (Flower of May) class at the chapel. This Flores de Mayo classes happens in the month of May of course and will end on the last day of the month. On the last day of the month, there is a small program/activity in the chapel. There is Santacruzan, a procession in the village of queens and princesses and the star of the procession is Reyna Elena. It was our dreams to wear gowns and be one of the princesses. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen. We are sad because we wanted to feel like a queen/princess once in our life.

Our time has passed, and there is no way we can make that dreams come true. However, in our behalf the two nieces will be fulfilling that dreams for us. They attended Flores de Mayo for three years now, and this year they are one of the princesses. The girls are excited and we are so happy because this is a dream come true. We are looking for a nice gown for them so the girls will shine and look very pretty. Surely, this experience will be added to their childhood memories book.