Remembering his death anniversary

Yesterday was the death anniversary of my younger brother. He died when he was little. We lost counts of how many years already since he died. My father did not remember it either. We offered a mass for him yesterday. Unfortunately, we will not be able to visit him tomb because it was gone years ago. It was more than a decade since the last time we visited him tomb. He was buried in the province where we used to live before. When we moved in the city, we planned to transfer him in the cemetery near my late mother. However, when we went to the cemetery where he buried, his tomb was gone. We search everywhere but we did not find it.

It is very sad that we did not able to find and transfer him. Though his tomb is gone, we still remembers his special day and will always offers prayers for him. During All Souls day, we light candles for him and offered prayers for him. On his death anniversary, the family is offering a mass for him. To show our love to him and telling him that wherever he is now, he will always be in our hearts forever. May you rest in peace.