Waiting for the examination result

Last Monday was the final examination for the DOST (Department of Science and Technology) scholarship that my niece is taking. She passed the first examination. The result of the final examination will come out in two weeks. We are praying that the niece pass because to be one of the DOST scholars has lots of privileged. Whatever the outcome is, we are still proud of her. We are not expecting anything at all because she did not study even if we always told her to study a little. We are panicking and she is not. How is that?LOL

Just like her aunt (my older sister), she believes in herself that she can answer the questioner well. Studying would make her stressed. She wants to enjoy than torturing herself. Very difficult attitude I must say. But on the case of my older sister, it is effective. I really do hope that luck is on my niece’s side. I asked her when she got home after the examination of how was it, she just answer me, “is it very difficult” but she is doing her best. Hopefully we will get positive result after two weeks. Good luck to my niece and we hope she will get the DOST scholarship!