Happy 68th Birthday to my Father

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Two days ago, we celebrated the 68th birthday of my father. It was a memorable birthday of my father. It is memorable because the family is complete. It is his first birthday that we have invited some of his friends and his first birthday that we really spent and money. I did not tell him everything about the plan. He keeps on asking me if my two brothers will come on his birthday. I just told him I don’t know, but in reality, I have contacted my two brothers. We secretly plan on what are we going to do on his birthday and on how are we going to surprise him.

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The plan succeeded and we are so happy that the father is happy. Some of the invited visitors came including his best friends. Also, his grandchildren are kept on greeting him. The celebration was simple but memorable. We cooked his favorite dishes, the fruit salad that he likes and the cake to make the birthday celebration complete, according to the nephews and nieces. I thank God for the 68th years of my father’s life. I wish him good health, long life, happy life, free of illness and have many more birthdays to come. We love you very much Papa even though we are not very vocal about it. Please see and feel how we love you dearly. Happy Birthday and may God bless you always!