Thank you once again!

The sewing of the kids costumes for their recognition presentation won’t be possible without the kind heart of my neighbor.  I know this is a bit late post because I borrowed the sewing machine for like three weeks now and done sewing already.  It’s just that I got busy with other stuffs offline and I haven’t found time yet to sit down and write something on my blogs. Through this post I want to extend my warmest thank you to my neighbor who lend me her sewing machine.  Big thank you for entrusting me your sewing machine.  Though we don’t talk much, I really appreciate your trust in me. It was really a big help because I am able to sew the kids costumes.  Also, I earned some from sewing other kids costumes.

In case you wonder about the title, I said once again because this is the second time that I am borrowing her sewing machine.  The first time was like four months ago, when I sewed costumes for my nephew and nieces for their book parade at school.  I am really thankful for the trust you have in me.  These words are not enough of how thankful I am of you.  May God bless your and your kind heart.  Once again, thank you!

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