The King and Queen of Hearts 2015

Last February 13, 2015 is the King and Queen of Hearts coronation day at the school where my nephew is enrolled. We are happy and excited because my nephew JC is the King of Hearts. Their teacher made a raffle. She lets the kids pick of what would be their place on the said event. And the nephew picked the King of Hearts title. Lucky kid I must say. My only worry is that the nephew is a shy type kid. I am not sure if he will participate well, or wear the attire of the king. They have dance presentation, and I am afraid the nephew will not participate.

The King and Queen of Hearts 2015 was a success. The nephew did well. Even if he is complaining that his Barong (top) is very itchy. Lol He is not that shy anymore but he is not smiling. I am sure that he is happy just that he doesn’t smile a lot. If you want him to smile, you have to pay billion pesos. Haha! He also dances with his partner, the Queen of Hearts. Being the King of Hearts is a wonderful experienced of the nephew, an experience that he would treasure and cherish as he grows older. Something that he could share to his family someday that once in his life he is a king.