Top 10 finished is not bad at all

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The Philippine bet Mary Jean Lastimosa for Miss Universe 2014 beauty pageant failed to get the elusive crown and title. It is a bit frustrating for the Filipino people because she was the contestant to watch for. Yes, the country’s bet is a big threat because she has the beauty, brain, confident and queenly appearance. I watched the preliminary competition and I must say she nailed it. I really believed that she will bring home and crown and the third Miss Universe title for the country. However, she failed to enter the top five finalists. I am disappointed when the top five were announced.

Although the country’s very own Mary Jean Lastimosa did not make it to the top 5 finalist, she did make it to the top 10 semi-finalist. Top 10 finished is not bad at all. She did give a good fight and show to the universe what she got. She is a wasted beauty, as others are saying. But to me it is not a waste at all because being part of the top 10 is a great achievement knowing that there are 88 contestants competing for the Miss Universe crown. Anyways, congratulations Mary Jean Lastimosa the country and the people are so proud of you. In our hearts you are the real queen.