One year older

Yes! I am one year older yesterday. I am not getting any younger. Because it is Saturday, I do not have to wake up early. I take my time resting and get more sleep before starting my day. Though I am not thinking of doing any household chores because it is my day. I just have to sit down. My brother and SIL are there so no babysitting job for me too. After getting myself ready, I went to church to give thanks to the Lord for another year of life blessings. My sister accompanied me at the church. I went to the cathedral because the priest will blessed the birthday celebrants. I have not tried it before so I want to experience it.

Now that I am one year older I expect more pressure from the people around me. I am for sure that they will ask me the same questions before. I do not have any plans of answering them. I would just give my sweetest smile. haha! Anyways, I want to give thanks to the Lord for my family for always there for me, for my sister, friends, and for keeping me safe always. I wish good health for myself, happiness in life and hopefully love life this year.*wink