To enjoy my favorite songs more

Every Sunday the family is complete. The kids are so noisy playing and running around the house. The father and my brother watch their favorite show on television. I like it because I can rest, relax and sleep longer because the brother and SIL will look after their kids. Listening to my favorites songs makes me feel more relax, however, I cannot concentrate because the kids are too noisy. When I am listening to my kind of music, I want to concentrate and listening to it carefully so I can meditate to the message of the song/s. I need to use headphones to carefully listen to the song/s for me to appreciate more the lyrics of the song/s and the message of what the writer/composer and singer is trying to relay to their listener. If I have this gadget, I do not need to worry if the kids are so noisy because I have my ears covered to enjoy my favorite songs.