Congratulations and best wishes

The family was invited at the wedding of my niece on January 07, 2015. This is one of the biggest events in our clan this year. And hope for more events to come. Anyways, they have been in the relationship for nine long years. They also build a strong foundation of their loves. Being together for nine years is not easy. Though they admit they quarreled, fought, but they reconcile it right away. Their love for each other is strong enough to make them overcome all the trials, struggles and temptation. And after that long nine years, they have decided to finally tie the knot.

Seeing their wedding updates on Facebook excites us all. We bet that their wedding will be a big day for the couple. And we are glad that we are invited to witness as they exchange vows at church. The wedding invitations, the giveaways, the reception, the wedding gown, and the likes are awesome. The bride and the groom are really doing their best to make their day an awesome one. This event in their life happens only once, so they are making sure it is a memorable one and a great celebrations together with their family, love ones, relatives and friends. To my niece and to her husband, congratulations and best wishes to you both!