The costumes that I sewed


When the SIL told me that the kids will be joining in in the book parade at school I am excited. I told her that I will go with them and take some photos of the kids. It is their first time to join and I do not want to miss it. The older niece already picks the book character she wants and has searched online the kind of dress she likes. I have borrowed swan princess gown of my cousin however, she doesn’t like it because she already wear it during their Miss United Nation at school as Miss London. She doesn’t want to wear it again so to speak.

Luckily her younger sister Ella agrees to wear the swan princess gown. Good thing Ella is not that picky compared to her older sister. She knows and understands the situation very well, and I like her for that. She is like me I The nephew will be wearing a peter pan costumes. The SIL already pick his costume online. She picked the simple one. To my surprise, she told me if I could sew the kid’s costumes. What!? I only know how to draw costumes. I did not think of sewing one even in my wildest dreams. Since we do not have budget to go to the dressmaker, I tried to sew it but I did not promise to make a very nice result. Fortunately I succeeded in making the kids costumes. Look at in the photos above of the costumes that I made.