It’s hair treatment time

Once a year, I have my hair treated. And this happens during the month of December. It is my routine. Why December, because there are lots of events during this months. Party everywhere I must say and I have to look good and as well as my crowning glory. I have talked to the cousin of the one who did my hair treatment last year already. I haven’t heard of her reply yet, I hope that she is available to come in the city. Last year, she came because she has many clients that want her service. I have to book early because she has lots of clients and might be very busy next month.

Before, I used to go to the parlor/salon to have hair treatment. I have been to different salon because I do not like the service. I do not like the result of my hair rebond. However, after meeting the cousin of my neighbour, I guess I do not have to go to any salon because I like her service. I am satisfied so to speak. Also, she is doing a home service so it is less hassle. Plus the payment is the same when I go to the parlor/salon. Hopefully she will reply and do my hair treatment next month.