Big thanks to you cousin

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I have shared here the cell phone that my dearest cousin made for me but I can’t have it anymore since my old phone is in my brother’s care. Still she gave it to me and I hand it down to my niece. The cousin did promise to me that she will make a new one. I am a bit shy because knitting a cell phone bag is not easy. I have tried it before but I do not have enough patience to do it. I guess it is too delicate and complicated. The things that I do not have when it comes to knitting.

Anyways, last week my so kind cousin gave to me the cell phone bag that she promised. I am so happy because she did give time to finish it even if she is busy at work and at their home. My happiness was doubled because the color of the cell phone bag is pink, my favorite color. I guess she felt that pink is my favorite color. Big thanks to my dearest cousin for the beautiful cell phone bag that you gave to me. I pray that more blessings will come your way and God bless you and your family always!

Do you like my cell phone bag and want to have one too? Just tell me and I will let my cousin know. For sure we will give you discounts.