Thanks for the cellphone bag

 photo 15dac169-9a43-4309-ae0e-a676fc3c726d_zpsfc100939.jpgBack when we are in high school, I already noticed that my cousin has a talent. She can draw well, cross-titch and knitting. Doing these things takes a lot of patience because cross-stitching and knitting take time to finish one. I have tried cross-stitching and I am suffering from back pain and my eyes become teary. I stopped cross-stitching because of these reason however, I have finished four already. It is already and achievement. My cousin continues doing cross-stitching it and he has finished more than 10 already. Now, she is addicted to knitting. She made cellphone bag, shoulder bag for her nieces, and sling bag for her sister. I have seen her finished products and it is really nice.

My cousin widens her knowledge in knitting from watching tutorials online. She said it does really helps because she learns more style and designs. I asked her to make one for me since I do not have cellphone bag. I am glad she agreed. Yesterday, I got the cellphone bag she made for me. Though it looks simple but I know it is difficult to do it. Unfortunately it does not fit to my cellphone. Still she gives it to me and I passed it to my niece. I am not sad at all because she promised to make a bigger one for me. Thanks cousin for this cellphone bag.

Want to order cellphone bag?? Just contact me and I will tell my cousin.