Entertain you when you’re stuck indoor

Rain means staying at home, being lazy, relaxing, resting and sleeps a lot. I love this feeling.lol However, doing the same thing and not being fruitful is a waste of time. Sometimes, I feel guilty because I rest a lot on this rainy day/s. I was taught when I was young that being lazy is a sin. I like to be fruitful during these days but the cold weather and the sounds of the rain pouring make me sleepy. Being stuck indoor is boring sometimes that’s why sleeping is the best thing to do for me than moving around the house.

Now, I have found a fruitful way to keep myself entertain while I am stuck at home because of the rain. Too bad I didn’t realize it sooner. I used to read a lot when I was still studying but because I face my computer most of the time now. I tend to forget the fun and joy in reading. Aside from it helps me widen my English vocabulary I will learned something from reading a book or pocketbook. My sister has books that are interesting to read. I will borrow her books and magazine one of these days and will start reading one by one on rainy day. Rainy day for me won’t be boring and lazy day at all because I now have found a way to keep me entertains.