Stepped on the thumbtacks

Yesterday someone is knocking at the gate. I was cooking lunch then. I went outside to see who is knocking when I stepped on something on the floor. When I checked it, it was thumbtacks. Arghs! I hurriedly pull it out and squeeze the affected part my foot sole to let the blood out. The pain is bearable so I do not mind it at all. Few hours later, I feel that my foot is aching. I cannot walk straight because feels like it is swelling. I guess it is normal since it has wound. Still I am worried for infection because of the rusting thumbtacks.

When the sister went to our house, she noticed that I don’t walk normally. I told her of what happened and told me to take medicines for possible infection. I took medicine before going to bed. This morning my foot is still aching but bearable now. I can’t walk normally still but I am hoping it will get better soon and I am continuing taking medicines. Swelling foot because of stepping on the thumbtacks is painful but I am thankful that it was me who stepped on the thumbtacks and not the kids who are playing and running in the house.