Missing my college diploma

The diploma is the best ever reward after years of studying in college and finishing a course. It is the proof of my effort, time, hardships, and struggle to finish the course and get a good job. It was one of the happiest days of my life when I finally got my college diploma. I showed it to my father and I can see in his face that he is happy. His sacrifices to send me to school and finished college have been paid off when I graduated. I get can a better job with my diploma and the course I finished.

Speaking of my college diploma, I missed my diploma so much. I haven’t seen it for three years now. I sent to my sister’s friend to frame it. He was the one who did frame the sister’s college diploma. It has been three years not but my diploma hasn’t delivered yet. I am so worried if my diploma is still there or not. We have tried to contact him and sent message through his phone, but we haven’t receive any response. We want to go to their house, but we are not sure is they are still there since they only rented the house they live in. I hope that he will contact soon and safely deliver my diploma.