My midnight Snack

I intended to sleep late today because I have several tasks to finish. Since I cannot do it at daytime because of the kids, I take the opportunity to do it at night where there is quiet. I can think clearly without anyone bugging me. The only problem is that when I feel sleepy in the middle of doing my tasks. To keep me fully awake, I have to make my mouth busy which means I need to buy something for midnight snack. I can’t drink coffee because it has bad effects on me. So the safest way to keep me awake is to eat something while doing my tasks.

My midnight snack today is bread and paired it with water and maybe noodles. A bit heavy midnight snack for me, but I need it to keep me awake. I am not sure if it is okay or not as long as I am fully awake and hopefully finished the tasks before the sun rises tomorrow. Am I being harsh to myself? I don’t know either. I will just making it up when the tasks are all done. So, when everyone is sleeping and in their dreamland I will be doing my online tasks, with the help of my laptop, fingers, brain and of course the bread that will make my mouth busy. haha!