The dog and cat

My four and two year’s old nephews are like dog and cat. The two makes me so tired, busy, and smiling. I say tired because they do lots of mess in the room, living room and in the kitchen. Well, they are so busy touching the things in the house. Their minds are so curious I must say. Though being curious is a good sign that their minds are working and they are observant kids, still it is so tiring cleaning their mess. Second, they make me so busy attending their needs and keeping my eyes on them because they like to fight even on little things, especially when they both got interested on same thing. Lastly, makes me smiling when they are dancing and being friends after the fight. It seems like nothing happens after the fight. That is how kids are. Also, they make me smile seeing they are growing and discovering new things.

I call them my little rascals because of the things they do at home, the little rascals that I so loved, cherished and cared. I like that they learned things from them. I wish that they will grow a good and loving individual. I like spending more time with them and teaching them simple stuffs because I also learned while teaching them. They say that taking care of kids is the most tiring and difficult job in the world, yes it is true, but it is worth it. And worth to spend your time.