Because the cook is not feeling well

My brother used to work away from the city. He opted to work far because the father and he are not in good terms. They are not fighting or arguing, just that the brother does not want to stay closer to my father. He does not like that idea of telling him what to do and telling him that he is wrong. That is why he is trying his hardest to find a job outside the city. Luckily, he finds one and working there for almost three years. He earns good on the job he has, however, there is one problem one of his colleague is envious. He does not want misunderstanding and so he left his job and back to us.

Since he does not have a job, he is the one who is in-charge at the kitchen. Good thing because sometime I am not in the mood to cook. Things went well, unto the brother got sick. It is so sad because the cooking responsibility goes back to me. I felt sorry for the condition of my brother and I pray that he gets well soon. He is still under medication right now and hopefully we get to see some development on his condition. The cook in the family is sick that is why I am back to reign in the kitchen. I love to cook just that because the cook is sick, it added more job to me. My days are tiring of course but no one will take good care of him since he is still single. Get well soon brother and take good care of yourself from now on.