T.G.I.F it is!

This week is a bit tiring for me. I have lots of things to be done like cleaning the house, loads of laundry and look after the kids. I have not get enough sleep yet since the last family bonding at the beach. It was tiring because we have to travel far from the city but it is worth it because we did have our wonderful family bonding. It is good to be away from the city for a while and be free from busy and noisy city.

I patiently wait for this weekend so that I can have some time to rest and relax because I really needed it. I feel relieve when Friday comes because the day after Friday, there is someone who can look after the brother’s kids and also the sister is around to look after her son. I am free as a bird on Saturday but not all the time especially when the sister has over time job to finish and when the weekend nanny is busy. I am so glad that it’s T.G.I.F because tomorrow I’ll be going to meet a friend at the mall. It is time for me to unwind and pamper myself outside the house. No need to bring any kids because there is someone who will babysit them. The feeling is so wonderful to be able to have the feeling of being free. Thanks God it’s Friday!