Fruits every meal time

Even though I have heard that eating fruits every meal time is good because it is rich in fiber for better metabolism. Fiber is good in our body to dispose the possible fats that will restore and already restored in our body. I am not into fruits that much, maybe because I was not orient well to eat fruits every meal time back then. Well, I am told by my late mother before that fruits are good in our body that is why she planted fruit trees in our backyard. Sad to say, we did not able to taste the fruits from the trees that my mother planted because we moved to the city and father sold our property.

Because of the benefits that our body can get from eating fruits, I have to love eating fruits now. It is mainly for health purposes and for the healthy lifestyle. Fruits today are a bit expensive but worth it to buy because of the benefits that we can get from eating it. It is healthier than buying fatty foods. From now on I have to love eating fruits and make it a habit to eat fruits right after every meal time. You too can make it a habit to have a healthy living lifestyle. Let’s all be healthy, eat lots of fruits now!