My love for kids

My passion to be with kids started when I was young. I love to play the role of a mother every time my friend and I are playing. I like to take care of them, get them dressed and fed them even it is just an imaginary one. It was because of my mother’s teachings. I remember my mother loves to dress my sister and I like a doll. And also she loves to sew us a dress. Those scenes made a mark in my mind and always think that one day I can do that to my own kids. An out of nowhere dreams for a six years old kid right? But that was how I think back then.

Those memories are still intact in my mind up to now that I am a bit older. At present I am taking good care four kids. My brother’s and sister’s kid. They are messy and hard headed but I have the patience because kids are like that. The thing that would make me angry is when they are fighting. I really do not like seeing them fighting. Yes, they are child and that is normal but I do not like them to fight. As much as possible I want them to love one another because they are siblings. My sister’s son is just nine months old and not making a mess yet. These four kids make me so busy each day, but I love to be with them because they make me smile. They are funny at times and that what I like about them. Seeing them growing each day and their developments each day is a treasure.