The nephew’s first day at school

June 02, 2014 is the first day of school in the country. Students wake up early for school. Today is also the day of the nephew’s first day at school. He is enrolled in kindergarten. It takes time to wake him up early, bring him to the bathroom, eat breakfast and getting him ready for school. He is half asleep while his mother is busy preparing him and the things he needs. He used to wake up very late, so waking him up early is difficult. Seeing him moving half asleep is fun though. His mother sends him to school on his first day and his father fetches him up.

According to his father, his first day isn’t bad because he has friend already. Well, I can say that the nephew is a friendly kid. He likes to play and talks a lot. I hope he won’t be playing and talking while the teacher is making a lesson. I wish the nephew a very good luck at school. I hope that he will do good and be a good student. Starting next week, I will be the one fetching him at school since his parents are both working. I will be fetching two kids in different school. Arghs! Good luck to me.