The nephew is getting better

After our overnight stay at one of the resort, the nephew got sick. He has very high fever and not feeling so well. We are glad he was sick when we arrived home. We just thought it is because of the weather because it was very hot when we are heading to the resort and heavy rain pour down when we reached the resort. The nephew is taking medicine already but the fever did not subside. Because it was Sunday afternoon, we decided to bring the nephew the following day to his pediatrician if he still as fever.

We are so worried especially my sister (the mother) because her son doesn’t drink his milk nor eat foods. He looks very sick I must say. The following day, the fever is gone. We are glad but another problem occurs. The nephew’s tummy is bloated. This is the reason he doesn’t like to drink milk nor eat foods. The sister bought medicine for bloated tummy and at the same time using herbal medicines. The nephew now is getting better. His appetite came back and the fever is gone. We did not go to the doctor anymore because the medicine that we bought plus the herbal medicine helps the nephew’s conditions getting better. Thank you Lord.