Thanks God for the safe travel

The family went to Samal Island last weekend to have our summer outing. The travel is a bit long and tiring but worth it because when we reach to our destination, we will be resting for 1 ½ days. We will be soaking on the water for long. Before we go out of the house, we offered prayers for the safety of everybody and for the safe travel because we will be riding on a barge. Too bad the younger brother and his son cannot join us for some reasons. We are expecting him to come but he did not.

The family outing was fun, exciting and full of memories even though we are not complete. We enjoyed soaking on the water at the beach, while the kids are enjoying the water at the pool. Family summer outing happens only once in a year, so we make sure to spend it at the nice place away from the busy city where we could relax, rest, unwind and enjoy. The summer outing was a success; we went home smiling, happy and well rested. We are not ready to go home yet, but we have to because some member of the family will go back to work the following day. Thanks God for our safe travel and our safety.