He says yes finally

During holy week, the family prefers to stay at home, take part in the church activities, and resting. Sometimes, I thought of us going somewhere to rest and relax but the father didn’t like the idea. He is so against it. He would say, instead of enjoying in this Lenten season, it is best to repent and meditate. The father has a point. Holy week is the time to repent and reflect. We can have our resting and relaxing somewhere any time though. The sister and her family will be going to the province of his husband this holy week. And she is inviting me to go with them. I am happy because I really want to travel and unwind. I am so stress because of my brother. Going to the province is a good idea.

I told the father about the sister’s invitation. Unfortunately he is not allowing me to go. I felt really sad because I really want to go to rest. I asked him why, but he will not give me any answer. I did not stop asking his permission. I guess he feels irritated by me and say yes. Woohoo! I will be going out of the city for this first time. Thanks to my father for saying yes. I can pack my things now.