So proud of his girls

 photo honors_zps26e24d76.png

Last March 25-26, 2014 was the recognition day at school where the girls (my nieces Ronna and Ella) are studying.  Their parents took two days off to be witness the recognition day, also to pin the ribbons and medals for their girls.  Ella, finishes with honors, medal as girl scout of the year, and two ribbons.  While Ronna got medal as girl scout of the year and three ribbons.  Unfortunately, Ronna did not able to be part of the honor students, but she did well.  She belongs to the first section just like Ella.  Her grades are high, but not enough to be part of the honor students.

We are expecting that Ronna will finish with honors, but it was Ella who did made it.  Still we are proud of the girls because they did well at school.  I can say that their father (my brother) is really proud of his girls.  He is a hands on father.  His waking up early preparing foods for the kids was worth it because the girls give something to make them happy.  I am so proud of the girls too because being part of the first section is not easy.  Challenges are there because they belong to fast learner class.  Congratulations for passing another level.