Happy memories to remember

The brother and his wife encounter bumps in their life. They have been married for eight months already. They have settled the bumps/problems that they have met and manage it well. However, the problem that they are facing right now shatters their marriage life. The brother’s wife left him and their three months old son for other man. I felt sorry for him because the woman she loves the most and his everything left him suddenly. We do not know how he is doing because they live far from us. He called me and asked me if I could fetch them. I feel his pain so the older brother and I went to their place to fetch them.

The five days that they stayed with us is one of the memorable moments in the family. The three months old nephew is so cute, bubbly and loves to smile a lot. We love the nephew very much because he gives happiness to the family even in for short time. Now the mother came back and the brother forgives and accept him, they are not living with us. We missed the nephew a lot. I always remember the days when he is with us. He wakes me up early and makes me sleep very late. It was worth it though because the nephew is an angel. The five days of staying with us is a happy memory to remember.