Watching him practicing how to write

 photo GEDC0123_zps60a0b814.jpgWe have taught the five years old nephew to write his name on the paper. We want him to be ready when he started to attend his class. He is officially enrolled in kindergarten this upcoming 2014-2015 school year. He knows how to count from 1 to 10 and already knows the alphabet. The problem is he can’t recognize the letter on his own. We are still teaching him to recognize numbers and letters. Right now, we are teaching him to write his name. I write his name on the paper and then he will copy it. He is having difficulty in handling the pencil but eventually he will get used to it.

He was very excited when my sister told him that he will start attending a class soon. He is enrolled in the school where his sisters are. He is very happy and said he will practice more writing his name. We told him that he should know how to write his name so that his teacher will be happy. I took some photo of him one morning while he is practicing on writing his name together with his three years old cousin. Aren’t they cute? I really hope that they will do well in school and will be a good student. Good luck to him.