11 Years of Marriage

Last February 15, 2014 is the 11th wedding anniversary of my brother and his wife. Time flies really fast, we haven’t notice that they have been together for 11 long years. The celebration is very simple like the usual. It was just a dinner at home with the family. It is not good to spend much, as what my brother says. As long as they are together, happy together and showing the love and care. That is the most important. They bought the favorite viands of their kids and ice cream to complete the celebration.

They have been through a lot of trials, difficulties and problems, however, those things did not stop them to continue moving on and strive harder. There are misunderstanding, but they talk it over to make things clearer. Life isn’t easy I must say for them but those difficulties and problem made them stronger. I am a witness of their struggle as married couple and I must say keep it up brother and SIL. On your 11th years of marriage, I wish you all the happiness, success and good health. Always put God in the middle of your marriage life always. Do not forget to call him when you are in distress because He will always there to lighten it up. Happy wedding anniversary and God bless always!