Watching my favorite variety show

My favorite variety show in local channel aired every Sunday. I never miss to watch this show because my favorite singers, dancers and performers are there. It is my way of unwinding from a busy week. I always stay inside my room and watching my favorite show. It is so relaxing for me. Last Sunday, my favorite band was one of the performers. They really play well and their vocalist has a wonderful voice. However, it is the man playing the bass is my idol. Well, he has handsome face and got the smile that will melt you. Haha! The instruments that they are using are nice, especially the bass. It is the same as the spector bass guitar at musicians friend. Even if I do not know where they buy their instruments, I am pretty sure know where they bought it. The design and look is really pretty. Anyways, my Sunday is always complete when I watch my favorite variety show. I am glad we have to television at home.