Glad she is back

Because of the low pressure and the bad weather, the sister’s babysitter for her kids did not able to come back early. Their area flooded due to continue raining for days. The buses and other means of transportation stranded and can’t travel going back to the city. I babysit the kids for more than a week because the babysitter is not yet back. We understand the situation, however, we are worried because the birthday of the sister’s second son would be this week and she is not here yet. She is waiting for rain to stop and the water to subside so she can travel.

Our prayers answered because the babysitter arrives last night. She is back on time I must say. We are glad that the rain stops and the water subside. Because she is back, I can go with the sister today buying the things needed for tomorrow’s birthday celebration. Also, we are happy that the weather gets better today. Mr. Sun is slightly peeking. A little cloudy though, but still hoping for a sunny day tomorrow so the children’s party will be an enjoyable one for the kids. Thanks God for the weather and thanks for guiding the babysitter’s travel back to us.