Still want to welcome 2014 with this post

Even though this is a bit late, still I want to welcome 2014 with this post. My first day of 2014 was a bit tiring because I have just arrived from Bohol. Last year, I stay up until 6 O’clock in the morning of January 1, 2013 but this year, I went to bed at 1 O’clock in the morning. I wanted to stay a bit more and have some fun with my family, friends, and neighbours but my eyes and body are too tired and want to rest. I haven’t been able to have enough rest since I left for Bohol and going back home. My schedule was so busy that I couldn’t take even an hour for a nap.

Anyways, the family welcome the New Year (2014) with a smile. We had our first meal together for the year 2014. It is the family’s routine to welcome the New Year, at our dining table sharing foods that we have ready. It feels really great having meal with the family. The only problem is that the younger brother and his wife and son did not able to celebrate with us because of the bad weather in their area. Their son is just two months old, and traveling with bad weather is not a good idea. Though they did not able to celebrate with us, we still think that they are having meal with us.

So, I welcome the New Year 2014, with positive vibes and positive attitudes. I hope for more blessings, good health and happiness in life.