Wrapping the giveaways for her students

 photo wrapping_zps5e7cf118.png

The sister wanted to make her students happy and make their Christmas party enjoyable and memorable for her students, so is so busy preparing games and wrapping the giveaways for them.  She will be wrapping 50 presents for her students.  Just thinking about it, it would take more of her time if she is to do it alone because she has to make paper bags where to put the stuffs for the kids.  Once again, I will be helping the sister to finish it all.  Since I do not know much on how to make the paper bags, I am in-charge of putting the giveaway items on the bags she made.

In less than four hours, we are done wrapping the giveaways for her students.  It was a tiring job, however, the feeling is fulfilled when you made it with all your time and effort.  It would make the receiver feels like they are important.  Though the kids won’t appreciate the effort you give because they are more focused on what is inside of the bags. Lol Anyways, I have shared it here the sister’s hands making the paper bags and the first four giveaways for her students.