Added to my list

Few years ago, I started learning on how to play guitar. I was influence by my younger brother who is practising how to play guitar on his own. He just bought a book on how to play guitar since he does not have the money to go to guitar lesson class. Because I am intrigued, I tried once and end up like it. We only have one guitar, so I should wait till his done before I can continue practising. Unfortunately, I did not able to pursue it because I don’t have time lately. I want to continue doing it, but first I have to buy my guitar so I can practise anytime, anywhere. I have looked and listing the guitar that I want to buy. I have many on my list already but haven’t decided on what to buy yet. Since I haven’t decided yet of what to buy, I continue searching of what kind of guitar to buy. My recent search is the exceptional kremona guitar at Musicians Friend. It is really nice I must say. The guitar that I searched will be add to my list of guitars that I like. Hopefully, I can pick the one that I like soon so that I can start practising how to play guitar again.