I did not able to save it

For the past days, my blogs are down due to hosting issue. I am glad that I am able to save back-up files of all my blogs. So, I did not worry much. But when the issue is getting serious, and the reseller host of my blogs decided to move to other hosting company, I began to worry because I did not able to save the theme of this blogs. I tried to contact the one who made it to see if she still has the copy of the theme of this blog. Unfortunately she does not have. I am really sad thinking that I might lose the theme of this blog.

It is really hard to accept that I did not able to save the theme of this blog. Among the themes that I have purchased, the theme of this blog is the one I so loved the most. I like the color and the style, though I am still hoping that the layout artist that made the theme will be able to find a copy of it so I can upload it here. I am really shy to ask her, but I have to swallow my shyness for me to bring back the beautiful theme of this blog. The badge of this blog that you can see in the sidebar is part of the header of this blog’s theme that was lost. Pretty isn’t it?