Hello December!

Hello December, it is! Oh yeah, we are on the last month of the year. The time really flies so fast I must say. It has been like yesterday that we are celebrating Christmas and welcoming the New Year, now we are going to celebrate Christmas again in 23 days and will be embracing another year. People are very busy doing Christmas shopping buying gifts to their love ones, friends and relatives. Also, buying the things on their Christmas list. Seeing them, reminded me of my Christmas list and it makes me sad because I haven’t have enough to buy things on my list. I am in the middle of selecting what to buy first.

Anyways, I wish this month my online earning would be fruitful again for I have lots of stuffs to buy for my love ones and myself, though I am not planning to spend much this Christmas because I still have to save some for the rainy days. Buying some for my love ones is my way of showing my love to them and also sharing some to them. The feeling is wonderful if we are able to share our blessings.

How do you welcome December? What are your plans for this month?