Another angel added in the family

Last November 12, 2013, my sister-in-law (wife of my younger brother) gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. It was the happiest day of their lives to see the fruit of their love, their bundle of joy. She gave birth via C-section because the baby is too big. The baby is 8 pounds to be exact. The family is happy for them and welcoming the new angel in the family. Unfortunately, we did not able to visit them at the hospital because they live very far from us. Only the older brother went to visit them and bring the little help we have. I wanted to come and see the baby too but it is not possible since I am babysitting my nephews too.

Anyways, I get to see the photo of my new nephew named Zeus Marllo through my brother’s mobile phone. The baby is so cute I must say. Looking at his photo makes me want to carry him on my arms. I really wish I go with my older brother when he went to visit to see the baby personally and also to congratulate my brother and his wife, though I did extend my congratulations through phone. I also told to visit us and bring the baby so we can see him, carry him and kiss him. See the image of the new angel added in the family.