In life, we may face several trials and difficulties. It is part of life and part of living, though we sometimes questioned God why it is happening to us. And we sometimes us Him, why me? I admit I do asked God why sometimes. But even though we are questioning and complaining sometimes, still we are doing our very best to find solutions and ways to overcome the trials we are facing. We may fail sometimes and it makes us wants to quit, but because we want to continue to live we are able to bounce back and move on. We choose to continue the journey in life. Besides life is not only a bunch of joy, there are also trials and difficulties for us to appreciate more the beauty of living.

Though we are experiencing hardships in life, we have to keep in mind that God will never ever leave us. He is always watching us and looking unto us on how we are going to bounce back from falling. We just have to keep the faith in Him for He won’t give trials that we cannot bear. In a way, it is like testing us on how we like to live and how we like to continue the journey of living. Because at the end of the day, it is not about how many times we fall down, but it is how we are able to bounce back. So, keep moving, continue the journey, because life is beautiful. Thanks God for the gift of life.