Giving away my sling bag

I always believe in the saying “it is better to give than to receive”. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have the things that we want. Just like me, I do have list of the things that I am dying to have, however, considering my situation I guess I have to admit that those stuffs are just a dream to me. Too good to be true, but I am open to possibility that I will be able to have some of those in my list. I must admit I am envious when I saw someone having the things that I like. How fortunate they are to have the things they like and want. Getting envy is normal I guess, but I am trying my best to not to.

Anyways, few days ago the family and I went to my aunt’s place. We were attending the nine days novena for my late cousin. After the novena, I am having conversation with my other cousins when one cousin got interested in my sling bag. She asked me if I could give it to her. I did not respond at first because I do not have extra sling bag. I have just given away my other sling bag few months ago. However, thinking about giving is a joy in once heart so I talked to the family especially to my sister about it. The sister decided to just give it away. I did give my last sling bag to my cousin that day. It makes me happy seeing her smile after accepting the sling bag. Indeed, the feeling is great to give and bring happiness to other/s.