The very important part of the body

Well, all parts of the body are important because each has their functions. However, the most important part that we should take good care of is our brain. It may look and sound very simple to us but inside it plays very important rule in our body and in us. Because everything that we are, we do, our feelings, behaviour, thoughts and the functions of other body organs works due the that very important part of the body, which is the brain. Without our brain we can’t do everything that we want because the brain isn’t working.

We also have to put in our mind the other functions of the brain such as the memory, mental alertness, vision and cognition. That is why the brain needs more nutrients for it to functions well. Though it will still functioning even without taking proper nutrients, but the development is very slow. An individual should start taking proper nutrients at a young age so the brain develops well. The DHA, Choline, Taurine, Iron and Folic Acid are the nutrients that our brain needs.

We are gifted with complete body parts by God that we should be thankful of. In return, we have to take good care of it, love it and cherish it. And we should use it for our good and goodness to others.

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  1. by Ling, on October 16 2013 @ 1:37 pm


    Yes, your right… Our brain is very important but sometimes we disregard its importance. I believed that brain can be over-stressed that’s why it cannot function well. Thanks for the info. I’ll take note on this.

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