Selecting the clothes to give

Because Christmas is the season of giving, there are groups of people who are doing charity works by giving used clothes and foods for the less fortunate ones. It is a good way of sharing our blessings to our fellowmen. Even though the clothes are used, yet it is still usable because it is in good condition. In this simple way, we are able to make them happy by sharing what we have. I and my sister have been doing these stuffs for years now and it becomes a habit to me. The feeling is really great seeing their smiles after accepting the stuffs from us.

Today I am checking my closet to look for some used clothes that I am going to bring to the charity groups. I have noticed that I do not have many clothes in my closet to give because I have given several early this year. Even though, I will sort out my clothes and pick those I do not use much and give it away. It would be a tough job for me because what I have now in my closet are my favorites, maybe I will pick my less favorites. Besides giving something to less fortunate ones is a joy in our hearts forever.