His two front teeth

My nephew just turned eight months old and now his first set of two front teeth is showing. Time flies really fast indeed! He started biting my fingers, shoulder and my cheek. To him it is like playing but to me it is not.lol But I do like him doing it especially when I am avoiding his attempt to bite me because he gets angry when I do that. It makes him so eager to bite me. When the second set of front teeth will arrive, I’ll be in danger. Haha! The nephew is growing really fast. He is so bubbly, playful and smiling, the things that I do like and will treasure while he is young. That is why I am taking photos every movement, tricks, and activities he makes every day for his mother to see how cute her son is.

The nephew looks really cute when he smiles and shows off his two front teeth. And I guess he knows that he looks really cute because he loves to smile a lot. I do like to take a photo of him smiling showing his two front teeth but is not possible because he could not stay still. I have tried several times but I only get a blurry image. Hopefully I will take a photo of his first two front teeth one of these days. I want to capture at least one photo for him to look at when he grows older.